Software Academy | Excellence in software development, excellent products


Excellence in software development, excellent products 

Software Academy is the content partner of The High Tech Institute for software-related trainings. Our ambition is to help software development teams for complex systems to achieve excellence and help small and medium sized companies to professionalise their software development process.

Located in the Brainport region Eindhoven, Software Academy provides training on  essential themes in the software domein. It is run by leading experts, who combine insights from many years of industrial experience. We partner with organisations from both academia and industry.

Our pool of trainers consists of a mix of experts from industry and academia, who understand that it’s all about what course participants can apply after the training. Consequently, next to the theoretical basics, interaction and practical exercises are essential parts of all training courses.

To achieve excellence in any software development team, the experts in this team have to achieve a basic understanding of adjacent domains and have to have a cooperative attitude & skills – apart from achieving in-depth knowledge of their own domain. For this The High Tech Institute offers a wide range of courses on skills, communication and understanding of adjacent domains.

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